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St. Georges Day… A day living with a British Icon


As St. George’s day is almost here – we wanted to introduce you to an iconic member of the Applaws family called Winston synthroid tablets 100mg.


Winston is a 2 year old British Bulldog and is proudly parented by Chris Adams – apart from taking great care of Winston, Chris is a member of our Field Sales team supporting independent pet retailers across the UK.
We asked Chris if he would tell us what it’s like living with a Great British Icon…



“My life with this English icon is very exciting. He is a joy to live with & he makes the perfect family companion.


When Winston is not sleeping, he loves to be the centre of attention. He greets everyone with a little wiggle.


Another favourite thing of Winston’s is food & will often sit by the kitchen patiently waiting for this to be served. He loves all varieties of Applaws.


When he’s not eating or sleeping, Winston likes to be in front of the camera. From featuring in commercials to appearing on fashion shoots he likes to strike a pose.


He is currently the face of luxury neckerchief designer bib & tucker; he will often be seen wearing his collection of stylish neckerchiefs.” See More here


The Great British bulldog became icon during World War II when it was adopted as a symbol of the “Churchillian” spirit of the British people (and the inspiration for our Winston’s name)..

It is said that as a breed, Bulldogs were first brought to our shores by the Romans.  Descended from ancient mastiff-type dogs, the history of the Bulldog could be described as a gory read.  First mentioned in 1500, the then fierce dogs were said to be used in the practice of bull baiting.  Today however, Winston and his fellow Bulldogs bare only slight resemblance to their ancestors… in fact, one couldn’t ask to meet a sweeter more loving character and he really is that…national icon, style icon and an all-round cool chap.

Winston72dpi Winston(2)

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