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On Our Best Behaviour

At Applaws, we know that natural and nutritious food can provide dogs with real physical benefits.  But the relationship between owners and their dogs goes much, much deeper than a than a healthy feeding regime.


That’s why we’d like to introduce you to Damian Riley.   Damian is a behaviourist and over the next months he will share with us ideas on dog training and behaviour.  Insights that will hopefully give us great understanding of why problems can occur with our dogs and how we can go about solving them or better still preventing them from happening.


We’ll hand you over to Damian to tell you a little more about himself and his work…


“Firstly to give you a bit of background on myself… I am first and foremost a dog owner and lover of all breeds of dog, my first dog was a Boxer when I was a child. I spent hours training her and did a little bit of showing and also had a couple of litters from her v7mib1e. Over the years I have also owned German Shepherds, Bull Terriers (standard) Labradors and most recently working Spaniels (Springer’s and Cockers)


On leaving school I began working in a kennel, I then moved on to becoming a trainer with the Guide Dogs. I worked as a trainer and instructor with the charity for 16 years and gained experience not only working with dogs for people with visual impairments, but also with a wide range of other disabilities including Autism and hearing difficulties.


Outside of my work with the Guide dogs I began to work in the private dog training sector running my own puppy and adult dog training classes. I also helped owners of dogs with mild to severe behavioural issues. One of my primary interests with dogs has always been aggression, and over the years I have worked and helped fix countless dogs displaying this type of behaviour.


My ethos is reward focussed training but I have a balanced approach as I firmly believe that often dogs have problems as a result of no consequence in their early training, and like children they do not simply learn from an approach that involves ignoring bad behaviour. Bad habits are quick to form when some dogs are handled like this.


I run classes at my 3 acre school in Wilmslow and home consultations across the Cheshire and Greater Manchester area. I often work from referrals and receive cases from over 20 vet practices across the area. As well as my dogs, I also train a multitude of other animals such as sheep and birds of prey.


Please feel free to follow me on facebook and twitter to see what I get up to on a daily basis helping out dogs and owners solve their problems”


Applaws can’t help diagnose or treat behavioural or training issues in dogs but we hope that Damian’s thoughts over the next few months will prove to be a useful resource.  Damian can be reached directly at;


Twitter: @damian_riley

damian riley

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