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Hug Your Cat Day is one of those pleasingly straightforward holidays that encourages cat lovers everywhere to grab their feline friends and give them a squeeze, however the moggy devotees among us will not need encouragement to do this, but it is always good to be given a gentle reminder where our feline friends are concerned.

There is one clear downside to Hug Your Cat Day, what if you don’t have a cat we hear you say. Well fear not, this day can simply be turned into ‘Hug Someone Else’s Cat Day’. Why not ask a friend if you can borrow their cat, or why not pop to your local shelter and show some much needed love to some well deserving cats.

As if you needed another excuse to give your cat a hug today. Hugging your cat can be beneficial for both you and your cat. Like us, cats get a mood boost from receiving physical affection.This is especially important if you have just one cat, because cats understand their environment best through their highly developed sense of touch. If you are unsure about cat behaviour, all you have to do is observe how they interact with each other in the wild, or indoors with you (and the furniture).

So whether or not you are a proud owner of a kitty, or are just in need of a hug, Hug Your Cat Day is the perfect excuse to spread some love and warmth, and can add some companionship into yours and your cat’s life.

Why not head over to our Facebook page and enter our Hug Your Cat competition to be in with a chance to win your feline friend an Applaws treat.


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