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Below you’ll find answers to some of the most common questions around our Applaws products, as well as general questions around caring for your cat or dog

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Health problems are more likely on a low quality food and they often develop without showing any initial outward signs. It can take up to six years for some nutritional deficiencies to show themselves. A high quality diet reduces the risk of a problem developing in the future.
Applaws Complete Pet food has been developed with the assistance of leading pet food experts from Europe and the UK using the latest advances in pet food nutrition. Our factory is possibly the most sophisticated and advanced in the world and operates to the highest human food standards. We use only the finest quality ingredients available including FRESH chicken to produce a unique product range designed to help your pet reach it's full potential.
Applaws dry is only made in small batch runs from fresh natural local ingredients. As the seasons change so does the colour of our ingredients and you will find that the colour will change from a dark brown to a slightly lighter brown but the recipe is still exactly the same.
Low amounts of carbohydrates are natural for a cat and dog. We use potatoes that are rarely associated with dietary sensitivity. Potato delivers a good source of nutrition and is generally well accepted, ensuring good palatability throughout our complete food range. They also help to balance the Amino Acids in the meat protein.
Applaws Complete is highly digestible and is concentrated goodness for your pet. As a result your pet’s nutritional needs will be met with less food, since your pet will utilise more of the food taken in as nourishment. Your pet will produce smaller firmer darker stools with less offensive odour, making clean up faster and easier.
A complete diet such as Applaws complete dry pet food contains all the vitamins and minerals your pet needs for a healthy diet. A complementary pet food is designed to be fed in addition to a complete pet food. Our complementary recipes contain real meat or fish which provides your pet with natural levels of taurine to help keep your pet healthy when fed alongside a complete food.

For cats we recommend giving a complementary wet meal in the morning and in the evening. In addition, give your cat a bowl of Applaws complete cat food during the day and in the evening. When feeding a complementary diet and a complete food as part of daily feeding regime you have a healthy balanced diet. We recommend a ratio of 60% wet complementary food to 40% dry complete food for balanced nutrition. The wet food gives your cat the meat taste they love and gives them essential hydration with natural levels of taurine and the complete kibble helps to keep your cats teeth in good condition and has all the added vitamins and minerals to keep your cat healthy.

For dogs you can feed a complementary wet meal by itself or as a topper or mixed in with their kibble. Dogs love the taste and variety that an Applaws complementary real meat diet brings to a complete kibble diet. Complementary diets should not be the sole food so always ensure you have a good complete food such as Applaws Complete Food to balance your pets’ diet.
Digestibility measures the amount of nutrients absorbed into the body. These nutrients are needed for proper growth, stamina, reproduction and maintenance of overall good health and body condition.
In our experience customers have reported improvements in conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, red meat allergy, and colitis. If you have any concerns regarding your cats diet then please consult your vet.
Different types of cereal gluten can cause a problem in some pets. The allergy can result in excessive scratching, hair loss and excessive body odour. Applaws complete is particularly suitable for cats that suffer from to gluten intolerance. However, if you have any concerns, please consult your vet.
Within 6 – 12 weeks you should see an improvement and find that your pet will stop scratching and biting himself. If your cat or dog has lost fur and has developed a bald spot as a result of an allergy it can take six months for the fur to grow back although in some cases it may not grow back at all. Always consult with your vet.
Scratching and biting at the skin - when fleas, ticks and mites are not present - can be the result of food allergies. Over time, cats and dogs can develop allergies to a number of ingredients, such as beef, dairy products wheat and other cereal products. The offending dietary ingredient need not be a new one in the diet. Allergies can develop to foods that have been fed for years but the allergy may develop with a sudden onset. Applaws complete has been developed to combat many of the common allergies pets suffer from.
If your pet suffers from a wheat allergy or beef allergy you should be very cautious in feeding any other tinned food other than Applaws Canned. Applaws Canned range has been developed to ideally compliment the Applaws Dry Range.
The wrong level of fat is bad for you but the correct level of fats in a pet’s diet is essential for the following three reasons:

(i) The fats act as a concentrated source of calories, giving your cat and dog sustained energy.
(ii) They are essential for your pet to absorb fat-soluble vitamins, especially A and D.
(iii) They supply essential fatty acids, such as Linoleic acid and linolenic acid, to maintain a healthy coat and skin
The cost of feeding Applaws can work out less than feeding many leading brands. Because of the quality of the ingredients there is no waste or fillers and more of the food is utilized, so your pet needs a smaller amount than it would compared with other brands.
The US Food and Drug Administration have approved irradiation as a (‘allegedly’) safe and effective means of processing dog and cat food products and treats. It is also used to make ‘safe’ contaminated packaging. There is no legal duty to inform the public if any packaging has been treated in this way. At Applaws we refuse to use such methods.
Applaws refuses to use such ingredients as anti- freeze or any artificial ingredients in our products.
Our products are kept fresh with more expensive natural citrus and herb extracts preservatives.
Propylene glycol is used by some manufactures to preserve their pet food and this chemical is a less-toxic version of car anti- freeze. It is used in some pet food products and treats and is hidden in the ingredient list on the pack the under the terms “Contains EEC Permitted antioxidant, colorants or preservatives”. If you see this ask the manufacturer what preservative they are actually using. Propylene glycol is considered “safe” by some manufactures if used in small quantities. It is not only a very powerful chemical preservative but it has a strong artificial sweet taste that some pets find addictive.
Applaws is a complete food and has been produced to give your cat or kitten every thing they need for a long and healthy life. Homemade pet diets can result in a variety of problems:
• Raw foods carry a high risk of bacterial contamination as well as the possibility of transmitting diseases to humans
• Too much calcium can result in growth problems, particularly for kittens, but too little calcium can cause weak bones that are susceptible to breaks
• Mismanaged fat intake, can result in pancreatic problems
Another obstacle to homemade pet meals is in formulating diets that account for age, breed, size, and level of activity of the animal. According to the American College of Veterinary Nutritionists, Many recipes found on the web or elsewhere, even from well-meaning sources, may not be complete and balanced, creating the possibility of significant long-term harm to animals fed diets based on these recipes.
The term “Ash” is the rather confusing pet food industry term, that a pet food company has to use by law to measure the total mineral content in the food. It represents important minerals such as calcium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, copper, manganese etc.
Problems can occur in a pet with the formation of stones in the urinary tract. One cause is the high level of magnesium in a pet’s diet. Applaws Complete has been formulated to contain restricted levels of magnesium. Sufficient magnesium is present to meet the body’s requirement yet will aid in the prevention of urinary tract problems. However, there are many forms and causes of urinary tract disorders and if you have any concerns please consult your vet.
Yes, it is extremely important that your pet has access to a plentiful supply of water to prevent urinary tract problems in the future. However some pets and particularly cats will not drink fresh water out of the tap. This is because fresh tap water can often contain high levels of chlorine, which some pets are particularly sensitive to. In such a case leave the water for 24 hours to allow the chlorine to dissipate before you give the water to your pet.
Regular check-ups at the vets, feeding the right food such as Applaws complete and regular exercise.
No. We use more expensive natural antioxidants to preserve the freshness and taste of the product including rosemary, marigold, vitamins C and E (declared as tocopherol rich extracts of natural origin).
It is not illegal to use GM ingredients in Pet Food and many American brands have used GM ingredients in their Pet Food formulas for many years without any known side effects. However, Applaws have taken the decision NOT to use any GM ingredients in Applaws Complete range.

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