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Our dry kibble is Grain Free…

Applaws complete dry food contains only animal protein so it’s much easier for your cat or kitten to digest and is naturally low in carbohydrates.

We all know cereals and carbohydrates give us humans the energy we need.  Again our physiology helps us to do this from the very moment we put the food into our mouths.  From our first bite we produce special enzymes in our saliva called Amylase.  They help us to begin the long process of breaking down plant based fibres.  Cats can’t produce amylase.

Not only are cereals and grains like wheat, sorghum, barley, rice and corn harder for cats to metabolise but grains and cereals also contain high levels of carbohydrate. These higher levels of carbohydrate can produce surges in blood sugar making it more difficult for cats to maintain healthy levels of weight and or body fat. This could stress the liver and kidneys and can lead to the development of sensitivities and allergies.

Many cats with grain related allergies have found relief with a grain free diet; which is why we describe Applaws as naturally hypoallergenic.  We have taken a conscious decision to create recipes that exclude ingredients that have been acknowledged as common allergens.

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