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Applaws dry food recipes support your cat or kitten from the inside out…

Included in Applaws complete dry food formulations is an active Pro-biotic and pre-biotic to encourage the presence of protective and friendly bacteria in the gut.  Natural Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids provide sources of EPA & DHA as well supporting key internal functions they can also encourage healthy skin and coat.  So Applaws can help your cat to be as healthy on the inside as it looks on the outside.

Applaws offers a range of both complementary and complete foods for adult cats, kittens and senior cats (7 years plus).  Applaws complementary wet cat food recipes may be fed daily alongside a complete cat food for a balanced diet.

The recommended daily serving is only a guide as requirements vary according to age, size and activity level and will also depend if you feed both wet and dry food.

When feeding Applaws Dry Cat food for the first time introduce gradually over seven to ten days.   Add just a few kibbles on day one and gradually replace the old diet.  Always keep fresh water available.

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